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some live recordings to enjoy

Our April 2006 show at Toad's Place featured some new songs
and alternate arrangements.
Go here for more info.  Here are a few selections from the CD:

Sun Zoom Spark  *listen

Dust Blows Forward  *listen

When Big Joan Sets Up  *listen

Harry Irene  *listen

"Metal Men", a CD of our October 2005 show at Toad's Place is also available.
Go here for more info.  Here are a few selections from the CD:

Metal Man Has Won His Wings  *listen

Moonlight on Vermont  *listen

Veteran's Day Poppy  *listen

And there's more...

A one of a kind music event took place at Cafe Nine in December 2004.
An intimate setting... an unforgetable show.

Check this out...

A few Beefheart songs like you've never heard them before:

Pachuco Cadaver and Smithsonian Institute Blues * listen
(note: this is a really big file - over 8 minutes of music)

Orange Claw Hammer * listen 

And for you eclectic music fans who want to hear more, all 10 of
the Beefheart songs from the Doctor Dark & Doc Chad collaboration
are available on one CD (limited release). Go here for more info.

Photos from *THE DOCTORS* show
(click for larger image)

Trav, Bill and Steve with Doc Chad Trav gets to show off some fancy acoustic guitar work Joe and Doc Chad trade guitar licks Bill adds some crazy, skronky horn sounds



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