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New songs... new arrangements... guest players...



Recorded live at Toad's Place  New Haven CT, April 19, 2006

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 1. Pachuco Cadaver     2. Veteran's Day Poppy     3. Sun Zoom Spark
 4. The Dust Blows Forward and The Dust Blows Back
     5. I'm Gonna Booglarize Ya, Baby
 6. Dropout Boogie
     7. Harry Irene
     8. Ella Guru
 9. Sweet Bulbs
    10. When Big Joan Sets Up    11. Willie the Pimp


Bill Saunders - vocals
Joe Nolan - guitar
Travis Moody - guitar
Chris Cretella - guitar
Warren Brelsford - bass
Eric Slick - drums
Steve Asceta - alto sax
Will Iannuzzi - accordian

All compositions by Don Van Vliet

Recorded by Warren Brelsford



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