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Its your turn in the spotlight...

Tell us what you think about us, our performances, our website or anything else you want to sound off about.

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When you visit, let us know what Beefheart material you would especially like to hear us perform.

Here's a list of what we are currently performing and currently working on.
What should we add to the list?


currently performing:

bat chain puller

big-eyed beans from venus

blabber & smoke

china pig

doctor dark

dropout boogie


ella guru

ice cream for crow

i'm gonna booglarize ya baby

lick my decals off, baby

low yo yo stuff

metal man has won his wings (zappa/beefheart)

moonlight on vermont

orange claw hammer

pachuco cadaver

plastic factory

safe as milk

smithsonian institute blues

steal softly thru snow

sugar 'n spikes

sun zoom spark

sure 'nuff and yes i do

sweet bulbs

the dust blows forward and the dust blows back

the past sure is tense

the torture never stops (zappa/beefheart)

veteran's day poppy


when big joan sets up

willie the pimp (zappa/beefheart)

coming soon:

ant man bee

click clack

dirty blue gene

floppy boot stomp

kandy korn

owed t'alex

trust us