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some sites to visit:

(this is a work in progress... if you're not linked yet, send an e-mail with the pertinent info)

captain beefheart info

  home page replica    discography, lyrics, links to Magic Band members

  the radar station    definitive information source - discography, lyrics,

paintings, rare music and video, interviews, news, discussion, etc.

  troutmask records    CDs, books, news, links - Beefheart, Magic Band

and others; German site (in English) includes on-line purchasing

  united mutations    Site devoted to all things Beefheart, Zappa and

the Residents; includes weekly music news updates

our pals from zappanale

  arf society    the fabulous Zappanale organizers in Bad Doberan

  ike willis    super-cool, world-class former Zappa guitarist/singer

  jimmy carl black    what a treat sharing the stage at Zappanale!

  mike keneally    extraordinary guitarist (and a swell guy, to boot)

  muffin men    UK's self-proclaimed "unruly scousers" doing zappa

  napolean murphy brock    voice, sax, performer extraordinaire

  octafish    German "industrial fake jazz" wizards

  paul green school of rock    ace rock star kids from Philadelphia

  prawns with horns    hey, they really are the wiggiest!

  project object    amazing interpretations featuring zappa alumni

  uncle meat    meaty homage to zappa from Detroit

new haven area music

  bloarzeyd    the noisiest bass/drum combo in the whole world

(our local pals)

  carlos projeckt    edgy, prog-influenced noise... and damn good

  doot!    former doctor dark rhythm section's new project

  fighting cocks    "what the world needs now..."

  gene gnomes    throw in a tuba and watch the mayhem ensue

  goose lane    instrumental jazz "careening out of control"

  groovski    the Polish invasion -- polenglish lyrics are a scream

  kimono draggin'    enlightened venture by doctor dark's joe nolan

  lamb bombs    take cover (or deal with the fallout)

  low-beam    they say it way more colorfully... check out their site

  the battlecats    impeccably dressed popish, punkish rock-n-rollers

  the sawtelles    stripped down, self-styled "nerve rock"

  the swaggerts    rootsy rockabilly / punkabilly maestros

  the trollops    kick ass. that's it.

  the vultures    surf, punk, bulgarian rhythms, you get the picture...

local (sort of) music venues

  as220    Providence, RI

  bar    New Haven, CT

  cafe nine    New Haven, CT

  ideat village    New Haven, CT

  rudy's    New Haven, CT

  station 58    New London, CT

  toad's place     New Haven, CT

  the iron horse    Northampton, MA